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Josephine Lorelle Granese

Is an surface pattern designer based in New Zealand

Josephine is a Surface Pattern Designer and Textile Artist from Aotearoa, New Zealand.


Her work is inspired by the floral patterns she encounters walking through her central Auckland neighbourhood. 


Scattered florals, uncomplicated shapes, and a playful palette of colours characterise her artistic style. Her work is a journey into a world of vibrant colours, whether through intricate details or sweeping brushstrokes, aiming to capture the essence of nature in a way that is both painterly and bold.


"I appreciate the spirit of curiosity in my art, finding inspiration in those moments that lead to unexpected and innovative pattern discoveries".




Certificate of Achievement

Stacey Bloomfield -Leverage Your Art


Bachelor of Arts, Film and Media

Auckland University


Certificate of Achievement

Bonnie Christine -Surface Design Immersion


Diploma in Multimedia Design

Carish Training

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